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Bisco Choice 2 (1x Syringe)

Choice 2 is designed specifically for veneer cementation. It exhibits color stability which is a critical factor in esthetic veneer cementation.Choice 2 is a light-cured luting cement designed specifi..

Bisco Choice 2 Try in Paste (1x 2g Syringe)

Choice 2 Try-In Pastes assist with determining the most suitable shade to achieve the highest level of aesthetics.They are designed to match the corresponding Choice 2 cement shade when cured.Availabl..

Bisco Porcelain Etchant Gel Syringe (5g)

Bisco Porcelain Etchant Gel : 9.5% Buffered Hydrofluoric Acid Gel.The gel containing 9.5% hydrofluoric acid is mainly used for acid etching porcelain, and the bonding strength between porcelain a..

Bisco TheraCem® Resin Cement Dual Syringe (8g)

TheraCem® Self-Adhesive Resin Cement is a self-etching, self-adhesive, calcium- and fluoride-releasing, radiopaque, dual-cured resin cement. The cement is automixed and dispensed in tips. It requ..

Bisco ZirClean (1x5g Syringe)

Bisco ZirClean (5g)ZirClean is a cleaning gel designed for the non-abrasive cleaning of the bonding surfaces of zirconia (and prosthetic restorations) after intraoral try-in. ZirClean helps to ac..

Bisco All-Bond Universal® Light-Cured Dental Adhesive Bottle (6mL)

The First Truly Universal Dental Adhesive.All-Bond Universal is the culmination of over 30 years of adhesive research at BISCO.As a universal adhesive it can be used with direct and indirect restorati..

Bisco Z-Prime™ Plus (2mL)

Zirconia – Alumina – Metal Primer.Z-Prime Plus is a single-component priming agent used to enhance adhesion between indirect restorative materials and resin cements.Z-Prime Plus significantly enhances..
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