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[CLEARANCE SALE] Directa ProphyCare® Prophy Paste - Red Fine RDA 120 (60mL)

Directa ProphyCare® Prophy Paste Expiry Date: 01/04/2024Quantity: 2A dental prophylaxis, or more commonly known as prophy, is used for the complete removal of calculus, soft deposits, plaque and ..

[CLEARANCE SALE] Kerr SybronEndo Gutta Percha Std - 100pcs

KERR GUTTA PERCHA POINT #15Expiry Date: 29/03/2024Quantity: 1Gutta Percha Points are readily softened by heat and flexible enough to be easily inserted into the canal...

[CLEARANCE SALE] Pulpdent Dry-Rite™ Drying Agent Kit

Pulpdent Dry-Rite™ Drying Agent KitExpiry Date: 02/06/2024Quantity: 1Promotes complete chemical drying of etched porcelain surfaces prior to applying silane, which requires a dry surface to be a succe..

[CLEARANCE SALE] Shofu PRG Barrier Coat Mini Kit

Expiry Date : 1/7/2024Quantity: 4A bioactive light-cure, fluoride releasing protective shield designed to revolutionize your prevention protocol with ONE INVISIBLE APPLICATION (15m thin) PRG Barrier C..

[CLEARANCE SALE] Bossklein Alcohol Based Surface Disinfectant Spray Lemon Aroma (500ml)

Bossklein Alcohol Based Surface Disinfectant SprayExpiry Date: 01/04/2024Quantity: 2All Liquid items will not be available for Shipping to East Malaysia.Bossklein Surface Disinfectant Spray has all be..

[CLEARANCE SALE] Pulpdent Dentin Desensitizer (12mL)

Pulpdent Dentin DesensitizerExpiry Date: 24/06/2024Quantity: 1Dentin Desensitizer contains 5% glutaraldehyde in water, with fluoride added to enhance stability. ..
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