Topical Medicaments

Topical medicaments in dental are usually applied to a particular part of the mouth that is hurting.

Some examples include gingival gel and dry mouth gel.

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GC Dry Mouth Gel

Dry Mouth Gel is a unique, sugar-free product designed to help relieve dry mouths and provide long lasting comfort and a soothing effect for patients. Dry Mouth Gel has a neutral pH, meaning that effe..

Kerr SybronEndo K-File - 25mm (6pcs)

SybronEndo K-Files for endodontics are produced to give the operator a smooth tactile sense inside the canal during instrumentation.The strongest of the hand files are capable of bypassing obstruction..

NBF Gingival Gel (30g)

High functional NANO-BIO FUSION GEL created for the first time by cutting edge South Korean Nano-Bio Fusion process where Nano-technology is fused with Biotechnology. The result is creation of a Nanoe..

Ultradent OpalDam™ Green Kit (4 x 1.2mL)

OpalDam™ Green Resin Barrier.OpalDam Green methacrylate-based resin barrier is used to isolate tissue during in-office tooth whitening procedures. The green color is easy to see against gingiva and te..

Voco Remin Pro

Protective dental care with fluoride and hydroxyapatiteAfter tooth whiteningAfter professional tooth cleaningFor the prevention and control of hypersensitivitiesDuring orthodontic treatment..
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