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[CLEARANCE SALE] Biodinamica N-Rickert Endodontic Cement Kit

Expiry Date : 30-04-2023Quantity: 1N-RICKERT is an endodontic cement, used as intra-canal filling material.The liquid and the powder provide one viscose and consistent mixture, which is used as gutta-..

[CLEARANCE SALE] Clinicare Handicare Hand Sanitizer (500mL)

Expiry Date: 10-04-2023Quantity: 3Waterless instand hand sanitizer. Kills 99.99999% of germs. Added moisturiser. Contains Ethanol 70% v/v. Gentle on hands. Colour free. Biodegradable formula...

[CLEARANCE SALE] Dentsply WaveOne Gold Paper Points Sterile (180pcs)

Expiry Date : 31-05-2023Quantity: 1 (Medium/Green) WaveOne Gold provides a comprehensive treatment solution and optimizes predictable and successful outcomes.WaveOne Gold absorbent points are mad..

[CLEARANCE SALE] Ivoclar Virtual® Refill Monophase Regular (2 x 50mL)

Expiry Date : 20-06-2023Quantity : 1Virtual is a first-generation hydrophilic precision VPS impression material offering exceptional detail reproduction and an efficient balance of physical properties..
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[CLEARANCE SALE] Kerr SybronEndo Sealapex™ Root Canal Sealer

Expiry Date : 30-06-2023Quantity : 1Sealapex™ is the original non-eugenol, calcium hydroxide polymeric root canal sealant for filling & sealing of root canals.This formulation produces rapid heali..

[CLEARANCE SALE] Meta Biomed® Gutta-Percha Points (120pcs)

Expiry Date : 28-04-2023Quantity : 2 (15, 0.4) Time-saving with easy filling.For faster and easier root canal obturation.Variable tapers & sizes.Length marking available...

[CLEARANCE SALE] Oxyfresh Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Mouthwash (16 Oz)

Expiry Date : 31-05-2023Quantity : 10Recommended Selling Price To Customer : RM42Our maximum strength Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Mouthwash takes bad breath-fighting technology to the next level (wit..

[CLEARANCE SALE] Oxyfresh Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Toothpaste (5 Oz)

Expiry Date: 30-04-20Quantity : 12Recommended Selling Price To Customer : RM40Our maximum strength Fresh Breath gel toothpaste is perfect for the entire famil. For anyone who has chronic bad breath (h..

[CLEARANCE SALE] Oxyfresh Pro Formula Fresh Mint Mouthwash (16 Oz)

Expiry Date : 30-04-2023Quantity : 17Recommended Selling Price To Customer : RM40Oxyfresh's Fresh Mint Mouthrinse with Zinc brings breath control and oral health to a whole new level! This patent..

[CLEARANCE SALE] Oxyfresh Pro Formula Fresh Mint Toothpaste (5.5 Oz)

Expiry Date : 30-04-2023Quantity : 8Recommended Selling Price To Customer : RM38Formulated with Oxygene® (Sodium Chlorite-NaC102), this outstanding toothpaste helps eliminate odours through the o..

[CLEARANCE SALE] Oxyfresh Pro Relief Fresh Mint Dental Gel (1 Oz)

Expiry Date : 30-03-2023Quantity : 16Recommended Selling Price To Customer : RM25Favorite among dental surgeons for its unsurpassed soothing and healing relief. This powerful, fast-acting Pro Rel..

[CLEARANCE SALE] Oxyfresh Pro Relief Fresh Mint Dental Gel (4 Oz)

Expiry Date : 30-06-2023Quantity : 9Recommended Selling Price To Customer : RM45Favorite among dental surgeons for its unsurpassed soothing and healing relief. This powerful, fast-acting Pro Reli..

[CLEARANCE SALE] TDV Polyester Matrix Transparent Matrices Molar (20pcs)

Expiry Date : 30-04-2023Quantity: 1Pre-Contoured Transparent Matrices with incorporated Fixing System.Indicated for Class II procedures with composites, glass ionomer and amalgams.Its incorporated fix..

[CLEARANCE SALE] Ultradent Vit-I-Escence™ Syringe Refill (2.5g)

Expiry Date : A2 (31-1-2023) and A3 (26-1-2023) Ultradent Vit-l-Escence™ Essentials Kit.Vit-l-escence esthetic restorative material is a composite system that features the fluorescent and opalesc..

[CLEARANCE SALE] Ivoclar OptraDam Plus Refill Small

Expiry Date : 03-06-2023Quantity : 1OptraDam® Plus is an anatomically shaped rubber dam for the absolute isolation of the working field.It offers the clinician increased visibility and accessibility.I..
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